Achieve Your Dreams (AYD)

"Welcome to Achieve Your Dreams, the ultimate guide and resource for assisting families, seniors, retirees, migrants, and expats in the art of budgeting, money management and debt control! "

Life Purpose

Hello and welcome!


  • Investigate Skills, Talents, Dreams
  • Create Vision to Move Forward
  • Define Target Industries and Companies
  • Investigate Reskilling
  • Update CV
  • Implement Strategy
  • Monitor and Support


  • Initial Interview – usually over a coffee if in Perth, otherwise over Skype or Zoom
  • Choose package
  • Find and Fix Blocks – almost always there
  • Define Strategy and Implement

Michael in Helsinki Finland

I got in touch with John when I needed help with my business. I was having problems with my marketing and getting the word out and talking to people.

I chose John and continued to work with him because he has many years of experience with business and people.
He solved my problem and continues to solve my problems by giving me great advice and also giving me the space to come up with my own answers.

John’s solutions are unique because he is really up to date with what a business should do and what we all should do when dealing with people.

I particularly liked how easy it is to talk to john. Also, he is very likable and easy to talk to. I feel really heard when I am being coached by him.

To summarize the whole experience I would say that John has helped me to set goals and get moving on them in a way where I don’t feel any pressure and therefore I can take action.

I would recommend John to anyone who is stuck and wanting to take action in order to reach their goals.


Adrian, Townsville Qld Australia

I’ve been using John as a coach now for almost 3 months. At first, I was skeptical as to what a coach could do for me, that’s probably natural. However very very quickly I saw the value and returns that I was getting and I know I probably should have found him earlier. John helps keep me on track and performing. My results in the last months have really impressed my family and friends. Much of my results come from having my own coach to keep me accountable and going forward. Massive thanks, John. Looking forward to many more great insights, realizations and sunny days.