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Get your Emotions under control, especially in the area of your present and past Relationships. Get your Money and Finances under control and find your Life Purpose and find a Career that satisfies!

We are genuinely interested in you rather than your money. We offer inexpensive introductory packages and if you honestly can’t afford them, we may be able to arrange a subsidy – please use the ‘contact us’ form for a discount code. All sessions are conducted on Skype or Zoom.

Relationship Coaching

People notice when you are preoccupied. There’s a look about you and you give off an energy. You may miss out on opportunities because you just don’t see them – you are too mired in your sadness and grief.

About You

You are an adult male or female, and have had a serious relationship breakup within the past year or so and are having difficulty moving past this issue. If so, there is help available and at affordable prices.

    As a male you may experience:
    Loss of face
   Loss of sex
    Loss of children
    Few invites to important events – like your boss’s
    You may miss out on promotions
    You may be left out even by family and friends because you are seen as a potential     threat.
    As a female you may experience:
    Lack of funds leading to poverty
    Extra stress with kids
    Loss of status
    Less time for yourself
    Arranging time to seeing children’s father
    Difficulty starting a new relationship
    No one to share your life with
   Feeling like a 3rd wheel

All of the above are symptoms of loss of a relationship, which impacts men and women differently. Relationships are very important, and many people are quite good at forming and keeping them, but anyone can suffer the loss of an important relationship.

If you suffer any of the above make your appointment today!

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The major relationships we have in our life are:

Family – parents, siblings, relations, etc.

Employee – colleagues, bosses, etc.

Entrepreneur – clients, suppliers, colleagues, partners, etc.

Romantic including LGBTQ+ or LGBTI – spouse, fiancé / fiancée, boyfriend / girlfriend, etc.

Parent – child, children, teachers, schools etc.

Friends – best friends, social friends, acquaintances, etc.

Spiritual – priest, pastor, rabbi, etc.

This can be because of a death, sickness, a misunderstanding, relocation, either voluntary or forced, a job or business loss or any other reason. This may be especially so with COVID.

The loss of any of these relationships can have a major impact on a life. If you doubt this go to the following site and take the test – it’s called the “The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale” it will calculate a number and you can compare that to the table below.

Score Interpretation

Score               Comment

11-150             You have only a low to moderate chance of becoming ill in the near future.

150-299           You have a moderate to high chance of becoming ill in the near future.

300-600           You have a high or very high risk of becoming ill in the near future.

“If you scored over 200, make your appointment today!”

Loss of relationships not only create stress, but they also can affect our self esteem, cause loss of sleep, can make us preoccupied and miss opportunities, can make us depressed, can make us accident prone, can affect our driving, our ability to concentrate and hence our performance at work, and we can neglect ourselves and loved ones.

“If you suffer any of the above make your appointment today!”

Everyone processes stress differently. Some people let it all out, others keep it locked inside and others are along that continuum. Some have friends and family to share their stress with, others don’t. Pent up emotion can cause stress and illness – get help now!

“If you have nobody to share with make your appointment today!”

What We Do for You

We use proven techniques that will assist you

  • Really listen to you and help you vent and reduce your anxiety.
  • Help you get perspective on your loss.
  • Help you come to terms with your loss.
  • Help you start the grieving process
  • Reduce your emotions so that you can function and sleep easier.
  • Suggest support networks.
  • Raise your self esteem and confidence.
  • Prepare you to form other relationships.
  • Help you see opportunities
  • Help you use your experience to gain strength
  • Share techniques to form other relationships.
  • Identify possible destructive recurring patterns of relationships.
  • Offer ongoing support.

We are committed to making our program affordable to everyone and so we offer 5 sessions (50 minutes per session) for $AUD50 per session, which is super inexpensive (billed as $AUD250). Even less if you can prove you can’t afford that fee – please contact us to negotiate a lower fee and receive a discount code. 5 sessions will at least start the healing process and there are more available if you need them. Homework is involved and compulsory.

We offer a full refund guarantee but you must attend each of the 5 sessions

Stop stressing and start living – Make your appointment today


“John is a wonderful, spirited person as is his coaching style. He made me feel at ease at all times, I always felt that I can bring anything up and every time I left with precious insights stemming from his vast life experience and coaching skills. The sessions with him were a well balanced blend of relaxed and funny moments and serious, profound experiences. During our 3 months of coaching relationship, we’ve touched many areas of my life that I was struggling with and every time I got precious advice, aha moments and new angles /sides to my problems that still sit with me today. John was awesome to work with and a great guy all around. Thank you again, John, for time, empathy and professionalism.”
Andreea Baudici
Digital Marketing Consultant, Romania
“I got in touch with John when I needed help with my business. I was having problems with my marketing and getting the word out and talking to people. I chose John and continued to work with him because he has many years of experience with business and people. He solved my problem and continues to solve my problems by giving great advice and also giving me the space to come up with my own answers. John's solutions are unique because he is really up to date with what a business should do and what we all should do when dealing with people. I particularly liked how easy it is to talk to john. Also, he is very likable and easy to talk to. I feel really heard when I am being coached by him. To summarize the whole experience I would say that John has helped me to set goals and get moving on them in a way where I don't feel any pressure and therefore I can take action. I would recommend John to anyone who is stuck and wanting to take action in order to reach their goals.”
Helsinki Finland
“Before starting the coaching engagement with John, I was starting my career as a Transformational Coach newly in Dubai, where I was overwhelmed with challenges that made me feel stuck and nothing much was being achieved. Working with John, made me realise that achieving tasks was much easier than I thought, and he was able to push me beyond my overwhelm and limitations. Together, we planned the events that needed to happen to attract clients and he was acting as my accountability partner with his great ability to follow up. What I liked most about working with John is his genuine care and flexibility in timings. Thanks alot John and wish you all the best.”
“After nearly two years of coaching with John , my attitude about myself, my career and my business has shifted 180 degrees. I find myself returning to the same feelings and attitude I had when I started my journey , the courage to make and even embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else. I want to emphasize that John does not make decisions for me but instead has helped me develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness, and he helped me at least develop a plan or concept for what I want my career to look life for the next 25 years of my life. I have come to regard John as a valued friend as well as business advisor. Thank you John.”
Antony Martiniani
Anan, Tokushima, Japan
" I’ve been using John as a coach now for almost 3 months. At first, I was skeptical as to what a coach could do for me, that’s probably natural. However very very quickly I saw the value and returns that I was getting and I know I probably should have found him earlier. John helps keep me on track and performing. My results in the last months have really impressed my family and friends. Much of my results come from having my own coach to keep me accountable and going forward. Massive thanks, John. Looking forward to many more great insights, realizations and sunny days."
Adrian Townscille
Old Australia Customer

This is a special group for people with relationship problems
it’s called Relationship Repair and this is a link

Please join this group and share with your friends and relatives.

Money and Financial Services Coaching

Many relationships come to an end because of money issues – one or both parties can’t handle money and so frustrate each other or the relationship seems to get nowhere. I spent much of my career as an accountant and financial advisor and have training and a certificate as a Financial Counsellor. Handling money is easy once you know how. Even the largest of businesses have budgets, we call them Money Plans. Every entity has to allocate where they want the funds to come from and go to. We can assist with ways to make extra income, pay off debt, and allocate funds to special projects like holidays, saving for a home, saving to move out of home etc. Certain bills are essential – rent or mortgage, utilities, food and maybe transportation costs if you work outside your home. Once you get the idea, the rest is easy!

For immediate assistance make your appointment today!

Life Purpose and Career Coaching

We also coach those who are still struggling to find their life purpose and hence are often in misfitting jobs and positions. It can take years to find your life purpose and research also suggests it is major obstacle to happiness and job satisfaction, and causes huge frustration in those still searching.

For immediate assistance make your appointment today!

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