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11 Tips for Getting a Date with an Attractive Woman

11 Aug

11 Tips for Getting a Date with an Attractive Woman


Achieve Your Dreams, the world’s pre-eminent site for supporting and promoting men, presents another insight into assisting men to find an attractive female lifetime partner.

This blog is intended for single and unattached heterosexual males over 18 years, looking for a monogamous relationship and caters to divorced, widowed and separated men who are looking to start another relationship.

Almost every man has been in the situation where he has spotted an attractive woman and wonders whether he should make an approach – if he’s confident, he probably will, but if he lacks confidence he will probably talk himself out of approaching with any number of excuses. Would you like to have the confidence to approach an attractive woman? Of course you would, so here are 11 ways to make the approach easier – so read on!

  • Grooming and confidence

When you look good, you normally feel good about yourself, so this helps raise your confidence. She is looking for a confident man – someone she can rely on, someone successful (however she defines that), someone who will be there for her, someone who adores her and makes her feel special – how do you rate on this?

  • Know something about her – check Social media

If you know her name check her out on Social media – look at her interests, where she goes, look at her friends – do you have any common interests or friends in common? If you don’t know her name ask her – she will know you are making an effort to get to know her.

  • Have something to give, rather than wanting something

Know what you have to offer in relation to what she wants – see above. No less than you she is not a mind reader, so at least hint you have something to offer. If she sees you are having a good time and enjoying yourself that’s something she will want. In addition, depending on where you meet her, she may want to have a good time, indulge her. She may be busy – make it brief, but make your meeting memorable.

  • Show her you’re interested – that makes you more attractive

If you show her you are interested you have the chance of appearing more attractive to her as people tend to like those who like them. She may or may not show interest – some women will and some won’t. Regardless of your interest no progress can be made until you actually talk to her – she wants you to be bold and confident – don’t disappoint her.

  • Approach her where you star or lead a group

If you get the opportunity it’s best to approach her where you are a winner or a leader. Women are naturally attracted to both. Every man excels at something, so wherever you excel or lead a group is the place to approach her.

  • Don’t hesitate.

Women are impatient and won’t wait forever for you to approach. She may have several suitors in the vicinity, but nothing will happen until someone approaches (women will rarely approach a man they don’t know or feel very confident they won’t be rejected). Approach from an angle she can see you approaching, if you startle her she may become very defensive and reject you out of hand.

  • Be confident, nonchalant and don’t put stress on yourself – make it an all or nothing venture

As you approach her show you are confident – smile, stand erect, and look at her while you speak. She has been lied to before, no doubt, so if you look away or down it could be misinterpreted. It’s not an all or nothing situation so don’t put stress on yourself. Like everything else in life practice makes perfect and the more you practice and become polished the more success you will have.

  • Opening gambit –– practice these 14 words

Once you are there you need to start a conversation – you can use these words, “I couldn’t help notice you and I had to come over and say hi.” You have done all you can, it’s up to her to respond. She may or may not respond positively. If she does keep it light smile, flirt, tease, flirt. Women will rarely cause a scene – most don’t like confrontation – she is more likely to excuse herself and move away. Regardless of what happens remain calm and be polite. Say something like, “Nice to meet you anyway.” There are any number of reasons unconnected to your approach why she may not have responded positively – don’t take is personally. Chat to other women in the area.

  • Ask for her number and make it obvious you want a date

If you get the opportunity show her you find her attractive and want to get to know her. Ask for her number – she will expect that – she may or may not give it to you. Use the same approach as above.

  • Be strong

An attractive woman gets many offers from men and it’s impossible to accept them all. Just like you she has a mental picture of what she is looking for and it just could be you, so unless she is obviously attached make the effort to approach her – at the very least its practice and experience. Women have a tendency to test a man, even after they form a relationship, so be strong.

  • Have a plan – ask her out somewhere specific – not just would you like to meet

Whether you phone her to make a date or you get the opportunity to suggest a date when you meet her always ensure you have a plan. Women complain about this – they want you to take the lead – you are the one asking her out. Early in the dating process you need a place so you can talk and find out what you have in common, people you both know, check commonality in values, lifestyles, and a myriad of other things. Some where she doesn’t have to commit to long periods of time and where she can excuse herself if things aren’t going well is best. Coffee shops, walks, lunches etc.

Like all males, you will have successes and disasters – it’s a learning process, but each time you win your confidence will improve, and despite what your inner voice will tell you, you will win more times than you lose! As the old saying goes, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a princess!”

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