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How To Succeed At Dating And Life

01 Sep

How To Succeed At Dating And Life

Achieve Your Dreams, the world’s pre-eminent site for supporting and promoting men, presents another insight into assisting men to find an attractive female lifetime partner.

This blog is intended for single and unattached heterosexual males over 18 years, looking for a monogamous relationship and caters to divorced, widowed and separated men who are looking to start another relationship.

There’s an old adage that goes like this, “A weak heart never won a fair maiden!” This is true either in dating or life in general. To get ahead you must be courageous, take risks (calculated, of course) and have a plan. Maria Sharapova in an essay in Vanity Fair, wrote: “I’m new to this, so please forgive me. Tennis – I’m saying goodbye. But as I embark on my next chapter, I want anyone who dreams of excelling in anything to know that doubt and judgement are inevitable. You will fail hundreds of times and the world will watch you. Accept it. Trust yourself. I promise you that you will prevail.” (Wikipedia) I think this is beautiful!

Being a top sportsperson requires dedication, single mindedness and lots of hours of practice. When you see a new ‘star’ emerge in sport you may think they have talent, and you would be right, but what you don’t see is the countless hours of practice, the countless hours in the gym, the countless hours watching and learning from other stars in their sport. They practice their shots, they develop their ‘game’ so that they have confidence to pull off the most amazing feats in their chosen sport. Talent is not enough, to get ahead you must practice your craft.

Every sports star has ‘off’ days, but do you see them making excuses – rarely if ever? They know excuses don’t ‘cut it. Many play in pain from slight injuries and once they even entertain the idea of an excuse, they may be tempted to accept the excuse. Many people make excuses, “If only I was this, that or the other,” you’re not, accept it and find a way to camouflage your weaknesses and accent your strengths.

Many men have difficulty with ‘rejection’. In the majority of cases you are not being rejected, she may have any number of reasons why she can’t accept your offer at this time – get over it – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you. Analyse what you could have done better and move along to the next woman – this is your practice and you will get better with practice. This is how you constantly improve in anything – “Practice makes perfect!”

To succeed at anything you have to believe you can do it. Those who saw episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine will relate to the following, “I can, I can, I know I can.” You must develop confidence and a belief in yourself – if you don’t how can you expect anyone else to?

Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses – know yours. Everyone has weaknesses – it’s human to have weaknesses, but know your strengths and where possible put those forward. A smart general will pick the battle site so his forces have the upper hand – you do the same – get people onto your turf – you’ll feel more confident!

To sum up:

Take calculated risks.

Practice and be single minded.

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t take rejection personally.

Constantly improve.

Show confidence in yourself.

Believe you can.

Know your strengths and keep to them.

Smart general pick the battle site – Always pick where you will show your prowess.

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