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Men’s Issues

08 Jun

Men’s Issues

What’s it like being a male in the 21st Century? Looking for comments here?

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion and it was given to a female? How did you feel? Details please

Have you ever had problems with female bosses or co workers? Were you treated fairly?

Have you ever had a divorce? Did the court treat you equitably?

Are you paying Child Support – do you consider it a fair amount?

Have you ever been charged or suspected of sexual harassment at work? Was it handled fairly, what was the outcome?

Do you think the media represents and treats males fairly, or do you think they paint a dark picture of males – ‘dole bludgers’, domestic violence is always shown with a man, child abuse is often shown with a male, even the phrase ‘Toxic Masculinity’, what is that, is there ‘Toxic Femininity’?

Have you ever noticed that females have lots of Government funded services, whereas male don’t – have you noticed females have lots of support for breast cancer, male have little or no support for prostate cancer? Do you think that is fair?

Have any comments about anything else?

I’m looking to build up a male network to support males, maybe in the future form a worldwide group and lobby for changes for the benefit of males. Looking for support and allies

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