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Law of Attraction – Stop Talking, Begin Thinking, Start Living.

22 Jan

Law of Attraction – Stop Talking, Begin Thinking, Start Living.

Many people are negative. The mind is like a garden, How much effort does it take to grow weeds? None! The same is with negativity, it requires no planting or looking after it is what is generally there by default. Positivity though requires effort and maintenance to grow and keep.

But many do not stop to think why it is estimated that 80% of people are negative by default. The reason comes from the first few years of our life as babies and toddlers…

As a child the only two things we have a fear of are of falling and loud noises. All other fears we have growing up are taught to us from our parents and others.

Its true we need them! Warnings such as “don’t touch that fire you will burn yourself!” Or “don’t go near the water you cant swim!” These are all needed influences but we are constantly told we cannot do something.

The problem is that as young adults we are never deprogrammed, the time when we need to be setting our goals and establishing our dreams into tangible thoughts and plans, is the same time we face lack of confidence and the “i cant do it” complex still remains.

Through a series of sessions in an environment safe for you we explore that the things you have placed deep in the caverns of your mind labelled ‘impossible for me to achieve’ are actually not impossible at all simply unwritten goals.

We say nothing is impossible when improving ourselves. The gap between you and your goal may seem large but you can close the gap by belief training and producing the habits and actions that make them realities.

The people who say you cannot achieve it are simply projecting their own restrictions and limitations on you! The problem is that we listen to them and believe them, rather than believe in ourselves.

If you really want to change and achieve your dreams we guide with deprogramming negative thoughts and behaviours and programming positive ones. At the beginning we simply ask you to concentrate on our belief in you. Then as we strengthen your foundations and build on them you will begin to believe in yourself and eventually exit the sessions with a sincere, powerful mindset that has you achieving your goals.

We have one rule, be open minded and work with us, then… Simply leave the rest to us to work with you on.


We will help you explore your dreams and goals and over time achieve and exceed them.

A few examples to inspire you… see if you can guess who.

  1. He was a very slow learner in his younger years.
  2. He failed his University entrance exam.
  3. Some say he did not start speaking until the age of 4. (According to L D Lore)
  4. Some say he could not read until the age of 9. (According to L D Lore)

Can you guess who? Albert Einstein.

  1. She had a stutter through her childhood and teens
  2. She had an IQ of 168
  3. She was told she did not have what it took to be a model.

Can you guess who? Marilyn Monroe.


As you look at real life examples you realise that being positive is the most important factor in being successful, it allows you to see failures as a step in the right direction because you learn from them. It also allows you the ability to believe in yourself when no one else does.The law of attraction states that you attract in life what you are. If you are positive you attract positive opportunities and people. If you are negative you attract negative people, thoughts and circumstances.So remember, dreams are only goals not written on paper. You can work toward them, you can achieve them you can be successful.Why not decide today is the day that you start on your journey. Always remember that great success is not caused by a single event, but lots of small steps. Make your first step today by booking your first life coach session with Achieve Your Dreams.


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